E-Books for Nurses from American Sentinel University

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Free resources for nurse leaders

Explore e-books on nursing trends, practice, leadership and more

Each year, American Sentinel University creates e-books on timely topics related to nursing practice and nursing careers—from industry-wide trends, to leadership, to technology.

Many of these e-books are now available to you in one convenient location—the University’s online Nursing Resource Library. Here’s a sampling of the free e-books you can download:

  • Healthcare Associated Infections
  • The Nursing Shortage: Help Wanted
  • You Choose: 28 Careers Every RN Should Consider
  • Rock Your Resume
  • Dr. Renee Thompson on Nurse Bullying
  • Tech to Watch
  • Secrets of Effective Nurse Leaders
Empower yourself, your staff, and students with knowledge

Visit American Sentinel’s Nursing Resource Library page to see and download all the complimentary e-books that are available. New resources will be added from time to time, so bookmark the page!

Click the link below to get e-books for you or to share with staff and students!