ANA-NY Invites Nurses to Share their Stethoscopes

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ANA-NY Invites Nurses to Share their Stethoscopes

Social Media outreach designed to highlight the work and diversity of nurses


Albany, NY, September 18, 2015 – The American Nurses Association - New York (ANA-NY) is joining with The American Nurses Association and nurse colleagues and supporters throughout the United States and beyond to help educate the public about the value of the work nurses do. Professional, registered nurses care for patients and provide high-quality healthcare, often working in multi-disciplinary teams of health care professionals. In some cases, nurses, especially advance practice nurses, such as Nurse Practitioners, function as the primary diagnosticians and care providers for patients in many settings.

Commentators on the television program The View set off a significant and sustained response from nurses and their supporters after suggesting that Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, RN, was wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope”  during her dramatic monologue for the Miss America competition in which she discussed her work as a registered nurse.

ANA-NY Board Member and NYU College of Nursing Clinical Assistant Professor, Larry Z. Slater, PhD, RN-BC, RNC-NIC, appeared on ABC’s The View today, September 18th.  According to Dr. Slater, “the truth of the matter is that there are countless heroic nurses and countless Kelly Johnsons that are impacting lives every minute of every day without so much as a whisper. They’re not doing it for the recognition. They’re doing it because of their passion and their love and the impact they can have on those they care for”.

Dr. Slater stressed that “when you think about how nurses are perceived and you look at the Gallup poll, for 13 years running we’ve been listed as the most honest, ethical, and trusted profession out there. But sometimes we don’t feel like we’re the most respected…nurses come to the forefront a lot during times of tragedy, with the countless amazing women and men who have saved lives after 9/11 or Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, or the tsunami in Asia in 2004, or the military nurses on the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

ANA-NY is inviting its members to contribute selfies for the Show Your Stethoscopes social media campaign (#NursesShareYourStethoscopes) across social media and on the ANA-NY website and Facebook page.

“What started as careless statement by someone with a national platform has become a wonderful opportunity for nurses to affirm the wide-ranging, critical work that we do,” Slater emphasized.

ANA-New York is the professional association for registered nurses in the state. As the state constituent of the American Nurses Association, ANA-New York is dedicated to promoting excellence in nursing practice, seeks to improve the quality of health care services, and promotes professional and leadership development of registered nurses. Learn more at